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If you're an MP3 player junkie, or just like listening to lots of digital music, you'll want to know about a new little mp3 converter that does something most other converters just cannot do. It converts video and music to MP3.

In fact, MP3 Converter can convert whatever media file you have. But that’s just the start for what is a very cool little MP3 Converter.
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download MP3 Converterdownload MP3 Converter Name: MP3 Converter
Version: V9
OS: XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
Size: 14 MB
Type: Shareware
Price: $29.95 USD

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Some Gee-Whiz ideas on How to Use MP3 Converter:

Use MP3 Converter To Listen to Audio Listen to Audio from Your Favorite Music Videos
Have a concert of Madonna on a DVD disk or love your music videos with Beyonce? Now, you can use MP3 Converter to convert any kind of video to MP3, upload the music to your MP3 player, iPod, or cell phone and listen to it as you do a bit of jogging in the morning, stand in the line, take an overseas flight, or a bus trip. Cool, isn't it?
Use MP3 Converter To Study a Foreign Language Study a foreign language when you're on the go.
Listening to records of natural speech is a great method to study a foreign language. Now you can use MP3 Converter to convert a DVD movie in German, Spanish or any other foreign language to MP3, load the record to your MP3 player or cell phone and listen to it when you are on the move and have some time to spare on your language education. It's fun and useful.
Use MP3 Converter To Create a CD Create a CD with the music and present it as a gift
Custom-made CD disks with music make nice gifts that you can present to your friends, colleagues, or business partners. Making a disk involves a conversion of music video and audio in other formats to one unified MP3 format. This is where MP3 Converter will help you. You can easily convert media files to MP3. If they are too many, simply use the batch conversion mode and have them processed automatically while unattended. Then burn MP3 records to a disk.
Use MP3 Converter To Share Your Music Share your music on the Web
If you are keen on podcasting and want to share your music online, MP3 Converter is at your service again. It supports all popular video and audio formats so you won't have to buy several converters separately to be able to convert multiple media formats to MP3. Just use MP3 Converter as your all-in-one MP3 Converter, upload MP3 files to the server, make hyperlinks and all website visitors will be able to download your podcasts or listen to them online.
Use MP3 Converter To Personalize MP3 Ring Tone Personalize your cell phone with MP3 ring tones
How many times have you scrambled to answer your cell phone only to discover it's someone else's phone that is ringing? Having a distinctive ring tone is a good way to distinguish your ringing phone from all the others out there. To personalize your cell phone with your own MP3 ring tone, you can use MP3 Converter. Just select a music video or audio in another format, convert it to MP3 and load the ring tone melody to the cell phone. Isn't it cool, or what?

Download the evaluation version of MP3 Converter now for a free test and to find out other interesting ideas how you could use it. Unleash your MP3 creativity now!

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